Michael Maine

Michael says he feels most alive when working with people to bring out and share their authentic selves and stories, and he uses photography, video, and audio to make that happen. He feels personal evolution in each photograph he makes with his clients, and sees evolution and inspiration through every component of his work with others. Michael’s pieces are indicative of the curious nature with which he approaches his projects. He typically begins with an issue, but uses inquisition to allow the real stories to emerge. Rather than Michael telling their story, he provides a platform for a person to tell their own. Hava crossed paths with Michael while attending sustainability graduate school and believes it was the silver lining to her time in the program. His depth, wisdom and wonderful mind are a gift to us. Michael helped us with the development of a break-even analysis and strategic marketing plan and determination of target audiences for the book.

If you’d like to read more about the projects Michael is working on, please visit: www.michaelbmaine.com.