Hava Lee Dennenberg

Credit: Michael Maine

Hava describes herself as someone who is insatiably curious about the ways in which things work, drawn to the psychology and sociology of peoples, having a heart that is spiritually connected to animals in every imaginable way and grateful for the smallest “things” in life. She spends quite a bit of her time in nature’s playground, also known as the beauty that is the Pacific Northwest, with her partner camping, doting on farmed animals who have been neglected and abused, expanding her green thumb, taking photographs, purchasing tiny objects, throwing love into her new home, soaking up the New York Times and its photojournalism and daydreaming about thunderstorms. She’s written a smattering of social justice articles for local papers and spent what felt like an infinite number of hours writing paper after paper for her undergraduate sociology courses. She’s always been drawn to the power of the written word; its potential for impact, its ability to make story telling possible and its ability for inspiration. She often finds herself immersed in words, whether that’s through her love for used, local and mom & pop book shoppes, through her crush on the library and near obsession with checking out books, to filling her bookshelves with more books, to spending her lunch breaks reading the New York Times. She feels honored to share her story with you and the stories of other twin siblings interviewed over the past several years.