Dani Hy Dennenberg

Photo Michael Schoenholtz


Empath. Intense. A romantic with a heart on her sleeve. Insatiable curiosity. Sentimental. Klutz with chutzpah. Fierceless defender of animals. Dani relishes bringing a creative spirit to all she does, whether in the garden, on a blank canvas, dancing, writing a song on guitar, or making a meal from the smattering of ingredients in the cupboard. Dani’s an upcycling artist with her Magpie 18 art company (https://www.facebook.com/magpie18upcycledsalvage/), she’s an avid cyclist, hiker and kayaker, dotes on her rescued brother and sister cats, Tovah & Benjii, is always learning something new (paper-making using lint, wildlife photography, national parks road trips, planting root vegetables inspire her these days) and holds a soft spot for thunderstorms and crickets chirping on warm summer nights.

Among the things Dani is most proud: she taught global ethical issues to high school kids through her organization Seeds for Change, gleaned a Whitebelt in Nia (mind body dance) so she could bring it to women in recovery, protested Al Gore during a speech to 800 people (and was removed by secret service), which resulted in saving the lives of 800,000 animals slated to be killed in toxicity tests and became the first person in the United States to hold a Masters degree in Humane Education.

She has a special place in her heart for words – adores etymology, playing Balderdash, and grew even fonder of them by listening to NPR’s “A Way with Words.” Her writing has been published in Veg News, Portland Upside, San Diego’s “The Expresso,” and online  (http://www.debozarko.com/compassion/), she’s mailed hundreds of letters to legislators about various social justice issues since she was 16, and she humbly keeps up with blogging (http://magpie-18.blogspot.com/).

This is her first book and she’s honored to share it with you.

Dani is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) degree. She just completed an internship with the Oncology department of Providence Hospital and plans to open eco-friendly brick and mortar and mobile acupuncture services for children, teens, and those who are homebound or in hospital settings. Her clinical practice will incorporate elements of nature, animal therapy and will host plant-based cooking classes.