Book Project Synopsis


After more than five years of discussion, we plunged into unchartered waters and decided to write our first book. The vision was clear: share the stories of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning or Queer (LGBTQ) identified identical and fraternal twins (or triplets) and their other halves.

Twin halves identify as LGBTQ, straight or otherwise on the sexual orientation spectrum. We surmised that the literature on LGBTQ issues was abundant and that the same held true for twin literature. Our aim was to fill a gap by bridging these two topics.

Mirrors and Closets: The Complex Journey of LGBTQ Twins & Their Siblings is comprised of the following elements:


  • Memoir sections capturing mine and Hava’s coming out stories
  • Digitally recorded interviews of 18 sets of twins (including two twins who lost their twin siblings) from around the United States and Canada
  • An exploration of the profoundly complex layers of nature & nurture and the roles they play in the development of sexual orientation and in this case, the sexual orientation of twins. This section of the book is largely anecdotal with scientific research playing a more minor role.
  • Additionally, Michael Schoenholtz, a well-respected Portland-based photographer, has graciously donated his time and energy to our project. The book will feature his work, which will focus on individual & joint photographs of the interviewees.