Book Proceeds & Reducing Our Ecological Footprint

Dear Precious Planet,

This book has been printed on 100% post-consumer recycled content to help you thrive as much as possible in a world, that we as a species, have forever altered in ways that harm. We wish to offset our carbon footprint, from the meetings and photo shoots we traveled to, to the energy we used to create our end product. In that vein, we’ll be planting trees with local organization Friends of Trees to create oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from our environment (for more information, visit:

Plus, we need more green in the world and less cement! We are also supporting local website company Canvas Host which purchases local wind energy, supports non profit organizations and causes and is a certified B Corporation. We’ve attempted to do the most good and the least harm by using a binding process that does not use glue since it contains by-products from the factory farming animal industry. We believe every penny matters. 1-3% of proceeds from Mirrors and Closets will go toward organizations taking a stance against bullying and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth, advocating on behalf the cruel and unconscionable treatment of factory farmed, abused & neglected animals, bringing equity and racial justice to the environmental movement, and conserving and repairing irreplaceable habitat for wildlife.